Sunday, March 30, 2014

Energy Healing Practice

In the course of the last three years, I have been doing extensive emotional healing work, but I feel that there is still much more work in order for me to move forward. One such piece that is lacking is the energy work that I feel still needs to be done for my healing.  Yesterday, I began my energy healing practice, and have had time to reflect on my feelings and emotions.

I want to share the step by step process of my energy healing practice with you:

1)  First, I gave my intention that I want to release negative and broken cords that I have with those in my life.  I concentrated and focused on one particular person.  To my surprise, I felt fear and dread about releasing this negative cord with him as I fear that I would lose him in my life.  When this emotion initially rose within me, I assured myself that everything will be okay, and that goodbyes are not forever with those we love, and that we shall see them again if not in this life, then in the next.  This gave me peace to continue.

2) I found a safe and quiet space to sit quietly without any interruptions or disruptions.  I began to imagine myself in my inner sanctuary.  My inner sanctuary is a quiet meadow with a stream and waterfall nearby as I sit soaking in the afternoon sun.

3) While in my sanctuary, I say the name of this person, and see his image in my mind, and scan my body for my emotional responses. I began to cry and felt pain in my heart chakra.  Then, I went back in time in my mind to when this pain first began with this person.  From my memory, the first time I felt this pain in my heart was in another lifetime when he left me for another woman while I was pregnant with his child and unmarried.

4) Next, I imagined the cord connecting me to this person, and began pulling out from the root of this cord all the pain and hurt within my heart.  I removed this cord from every cell, every molecule, every atom, and every nucleus in my body.  This root appeared to go on for many miles as I pulled and pulled with no end for what seemed like an eternity. I released all these roots from this cord into the ether or the sky, and released all the pain and hurt from my heart chakra.

5)  When this cord was pulled out from the root, I began to fill this empty space with white healing light. Feel this warm light, that is love, engulf your entire being, and sit with this healing light for several seconds. Then I said, "I release you to wholeness, I love you, I forgive you, I forgive myself, I give permission for you to forgive me, and I give permission for you to forgive yourself."

After only one practice, I have felt this anger and hurt dissipate significantly from my heart chakra.  In its place, I felt deep love. It was a dramatic shift within my emotional landscape when earlier, I felt suspicion, fear, and dread that have been replaced with peace and deep love.  I will repeat this practice until all the feelings of pain and hurt have been released about this person.

Try this energy healing practice to see if it changes your emotional landscape particular involving someone for whom you have negative feelings. Blessings of healing love, Sahana (Copyright 2014 Kundalinin Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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