Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Child-Like Innocence

During our spiritual journeys as we progress, we become more like children in the way we see the world, hopeful, happy, joyful, free, and full of love.  I am studying the works of Alexander Calder in my art class; he’s the artist who created the first mobile.  He was a sculptor who had a child-like outlook made movable toys and sculptures before those inventions. 
What I love about Calder’s work is its simplicity and innocence like that of a child. Beautifully uncomplicated.  As I progress in my spiritual work, I seek this innocence. It is not naivete or ignorance, but a simple innocence.  In this place, we are not jaded, critical, judgmental, or cynical created by our negative life experiences.  
It is a quality of hopefulness, joy, pure love, and that anything is possible.  It’s like going back to our mother’s womb where we are not afraid and everything is safe. May we all experience child-like innocence again. ~ Sahana (Copyright 2012 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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