Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is neither sex nor love.  It is our own rage and pain turned inward.  For some of us, this sex addiction can take the form of a sexual victim and for others it can take the form of a sexual aggressor.  In either case, it is extremely destructive to our lives.

How do you know if you have a sex addiction?  When everything in your life is dominated by sex.  Your relationships, thoughts, and motivations are driven by sex.  You can't stop thinking about it. When you have sex, it only subdues this feeling temporarily, then the urge returns again controlling your life.

You may say, sex is great, it feels good, and it is love that we give to another.  The reality of sex addiction is that it is rage towards another that you express, not love or affection at all. This rage can be caused by abuse, trauma, or just anger built up from hurt over time.  It is not love or loving.  It is not intimate or affectionate.

Sex addiction results from those with low self esteem.  It is the utter feeling of powerlessness, of not feeling worthy of being loved, and the fear that no one will love them.  For Kundalini active individuals, our addictions, traits, or abilities are heightened and intensified.  It is a difficult existence with heighten sexual urges making our daily lives difficult to manage, since we still must go to work, school, and function in the world.

To overcome sex addiction, first we must be willing to give up this addiction. Then, we must feel the underlying pain beneath the rage.  For instance, if you were abused by your parents like me, the pain beneath the rage may be the loss of love, care, and affection from them.  The underlying feeling is not of anger or rage, but of sadness.  Once we fully experience this pain, then the sex addiction will subside, and we will finally find inner peace and joy within ourselves with a healthier sexual relationship with another.  ~ Sahana (Copyright 2012 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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